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Vickers T1515 Transmissions

T1515 Y - 1AL - 1A* - M **- 1* - ***

t1515 Transmission unit Axial Piston Type
piston type size
15 -
15 US gpm
Piston Motor Size
US gpm
y Assembly configuration
Y -
Pump & Motor At 90°
1 Shaft type - pump
- splined
- straight keyed
- woodreuff keyed
a Pump Control Options
A - Single Pintle (Lever affixed by customer)
B - Double Pintles
l Pump Control Location
L - left hand
Omit - For Right Hand
1 Shaft type Motor
- Splined
- Straight Keyed
- Woodruff Keyed
a Motor Control Options
A - Single Pintle (Lever Affixed by Customer)
B - Double Pintles
Omit - For Fixed Type Motor
* Motor Control Location
L - Left Hand
Omit - For Right Hand
M** Minimum Displacement Designation For Variable Motors
(Caution) Motor Speed Cannot Exeed 4000 RPM when pump is at Max. Speed And Displacement.
10/11 Design
10 - first design
11 - second design
*** Special Feature






















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